Grand Opening!! 

This Sunday, July 9th, I’m hosting my Grand Opening for Owl in the Oak Tarot at Café Steam in Rochester, MN from 2pm – 6pm. 

I. Am. So. Psyched. 

It’s a full moon and a coming out party to and I can’t wait to connect more with people in the community. 

There will be live music, gift bags for the first 24 people to come, and a raffle with pretty sweet prizes, which are pictured below. I’m keeping the gift bag goodies a secret for now, because there’s gotta be some mystery. 

 Pictured is Hermit’s Lamp, Fool’s Mask, Iris of the Rainbow Candle, and Peacock Feather Dreamcatcher.

-Win the Dreamcatcher, a protective charm with peacock feathers for peace, protection, confidence, and abundance. 

-Win the Hermit’s Lamp or Fool’s Mask. The Hermit’s Lamp lights the way to inner truth. The Fool’s Mask is also a symbol of faery, called “The Mask of Truth,” where you put on a mask to reveal your truth. 💜

-Win the Iris of the Rainbow candle. Iris is the Rainbow Faery, and she along with her helpers reclaim the bright sky from the dark of the storm. She carries the light of hope. 

In addition to the raffle and gift bags, there will also be some physical copies of the zine I created for the community, called Moon Glow. It’s archived on my site in digital form, which you can access here

The event is on my Facebook page, which you can access here

Hope to see you there!! 🌝❤️🦋🔮😍

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