June New Moon Message 

The new moon in Cancer begins tomorrow, June 23rd at 9:32PM. Below is your message for this month’s new moon. 

The gracious Empress reminds you of your abundant resources within and around you, and the Page of Wands urges you to make something from all that you contain with love and care. There needs to be balance in what you put out and what you get back, in time spent on others and time spent on self. How well have you been extending love and compassion toward yourself lately? How well have you been giving space for yourself to play and create?

The Empress knows her worth and acts from the confidence she holds within. She is mother, creator, gentle ruler. She knows who she is and fully accepts all of herself. She treats herself, and she’s generous with others.  

The Page of Wands is ready to shape life from that place of self-worth. The Page is uninhibited creative energy moving into action. She knows her message and is joyfully sharing it without a worry for what others think.

Two of Coins doesn’t mind the balancing act, but also cautions you to make sure that your endeavors are in balance with your truth, and that you don’t lose you in all of your activities or become glum in the day to day. How can you make your daily life more enjoyable? 

A new self-care routine may be something for you to consider at this time along with the energies of these cards supported by the Moon in Cancer. What makes you feel beautiful? What energizes you?

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